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Asia Marketing Research, Internet Usage, Population Statistics and Facebook Subscribers-Links to Asia - 35 Countries and Regions . 4,294,516,659 est. population for Asia in 2020 - Area: 39,365,000 sq km. 2,300,469,859 Internet users and 53.6% penetration rate as of Dec. 31/19. 818,934,000 Facebook users in Dec/2018, 19.3% penetration rate. Telecommunications and Broadband in Asia Special. 430,759,766 population estimate for South America in 2020. 322,243,960 Internet users in December, 2019, 74.8 % Penetration Rate . 369,723,642 Mobile cellular subscriptions as of Dec/09, 92.4% penetration, per ITU. 266,583,100 Facebook subscribers in Dec, 2018, 61.7% penetration rate. Telecommunications in Latin America A set of Latin American reports which cover all aspects of the.

Source: Internet Live Stats (www.InternetLiveStats.com) Elaboration of data by International Telecommunication Union (ITU), United Nations Population Division, Internet & Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), World Bank. July 1 2016 Estimate. See also: 2015 Estimate and 2014 Finalized Internet User = individual, of any age, who can access the Internet at home, via any device type and connection Watch the Internet as it grows in real time and monitor social media usage: Internet users, websites, blog posts, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest users. Visualize the total number of emails, Google searches, YouTube videos, Tumblr posts, Instagram photos, in 1 second. Historical trends, statistics, infographics and live data visualizatio As of January 2019, East Asia accounted for one billion of the world's internet users, followed by Southern Asia with 803 million. The global digital population in July 2019 amounted to over 4. Source: Internet Live Stats In 2014, nearly 75% (2.1 billion) of all internet users in the world (2.8 billion) live in the top 20 countries. The remaining 25% (0.7 billion) is distributed among the other 178 countries, each representing less than 1% of total users. China, the country with most users (642 million in 2014), represents nearly 22% of total, and has more users than the next.

Almost 4.57 billion people were active internet users as of April 2020, encompassing 59 percent of the global population. China, India and the United States rank ahead all other countries in terms. Individuals using the Internet (% of population) International Telecommunication Union, World Telecommunication/ICT Development Report and database. License : CC BY-4. In 2019, the number of internet users worldwide was 4.13 billion, up from 3.92 billion in the previous year. Easier access to computers, the modernization of countries around the world and an.

As of December 2017, China was ranked first with 772 million internet users. (Internet World Stats; ITU, 2019) India was ranked second, with more than 460 million internet users as of December 2017. (Internet World Stats; ITU, 2019) United States was ranked third, with just over 312 million internet users. That's more than half the amount of. In 2019, internet users worldwide spent a daily average of 122 minutes on their mobile devices, over three times the global internet consumption via desktop, which amounted to 39 minutes daily Nigeria's evolving internet market has just hit another milestone, as the latest statistics released by the Internet World Stats revealed that the country now ranks 7th in terms of countries with the highest number of internet users in the world.. According to the report, Nigeria's total internet users stood at 111.6 million as at the end of March 2019

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Kuwait is the country with the highest penetration of Internet users, with 99.6%. (Internet World Stats) 6. The United States has the third highest number of Internet users by country, with 293 million. 7. Users of all ages use the Internet in the U.S. However, a greater percentage of younger users are online Watch all Internet users in the world visualized one by one on a page, with the total increasing in real tim

Virtually all adults aged 16 to 44 years in the UK were recent internet users (99%) in 2019, compared with 47% of adults aged 75 years and over. 7.5% of adults had never used the internet in 2019, down from 8.4% in 2018. 91% of adults in the UK were recent internet users in 2019, up from 90% in 2018 This statistic shows the number of worldwide internet users from 2009 to 2019, sorted by region. In the last measured period, the number of online users in Asia amounted to 2.3 billion, up from 1. According to internet World Stats (IWS), in Asia alone, there are about 1,846,212,654 internet users, which is the largest number of internet users (52.2%). The growth of world total internet. Internet users in Canada as of 4th quarter 2014, by gender Individuals who had ever used the internet in Latvia 2004-2019, by age group Internet users in Canada as of 4th quarter 2014, by incom

Internet user distribution in China 2010-2020, by urban and rural region Number of internet users in Poland 2016-2019 Educational distribution of the online population in the United Kingdom (UK) 201 On average, the world's internet users spend 6 hours and 42 minutes online each day. That's down slightly on last year's figure of 6 hours and 49 minutes, but our suspicion is that this drop may be in part due to the large number of new users who are still learning how to use the internet, and who use the internet less than those more seasoned users who turn to their connected devices. WORLD INTERNET USAGE AND POPULATION STATISTICS JUNE 30, 2016 - Update World Regions Population ( 2016 Est.) Population % of World Internet Users 30 June 2016 Pe Skip to primary content Internet Stats Toda Below is a sortable list of countries by number of users, for 2017.Internet users are defined as persons who accessed the Internet in the last 12 months from any device, including mobile phones. Percentage is the percentage of a country's population that are Internet users. Estimates are derived from either household surveys or from Internet subscription data

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  1. Impressive Internet Statistics (Editor's Choice): According to Google's research and internet world stats from 2017, Australia is the second country in the world in terms of mobile internet penetration, sitting at 37%. 22% of internet users come from China. (Source: Internet Live Stats) China is the country with the most internet users in the world. According to the 2014 data, 642.
  2. The number of China internet users grew to 854 million in the first half of 2019 with a China internet penetration of 61.2%. Check out the number of China internet users since the year 2008. 98.6% of internet users accessed the internet through mobile devices in China. The 10- to 39-year-olds represented 67.8% of all internet users in China. The largest user group were students (25.4%). 610.
  3. Top internet users: Philippines ranks 12th Internet World Stats based its data on country reports from the International Telecommunications Union and Facebook Inc. TOP 20 INTERNET USERS.
  4. This video Presentation is all About the countries with the most internet users from 1990-2016. At the beginning the United States and many European countries or nation started ahead of the.
  5. Watch all Internet users by region: Asia, Europe, Americas, Africa, and Oceania, visualized one by one on a page, with the total increasing in real tim
  6. The Internet World Stats Blog. The China Internet Network Information Center () has reported that the number of Internet users in China at the end of June, 2018 has reached 802 million people, up 3.8 percent from six months ago. A total of 788 million Chinese use mobile phones to surf the Internet, making up 98.3 percent of the online population, according to the 42nd statistical report from.

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The Internet's history goes back some decades by now - email has been around since the 1960s, file sharing since at least the 1970s, and TCP/IP was standardized in 1982. But it was the creation of the world wide web in 1989 that revolutionized our history of communication. The inventor of the world wide web was the English scientist Tim Berners-Lee who created a system to share information. Global Policy Forum is a policy watchdog that follows the work of the United Nations. We promote accountability and citizen participation in decisions on peace and security, social justice and international law In Asia, China reigns supreme when it comes to having the most active internet users. With 818,934,000 users, the next closest countries include the United States with 320,059,368, Russia with 109,552,842, and Latin America/Caribbean with 18,526,199 users INTERNET WEB APPLICATIONS (APPS) 1,300,000,000 Monthly Active Users. APP 2: Join Me Conference Call Services - low-cost reservationless conference calls with online access. APP 3: VIPER - Make calls, send messages and much more - freely and securely. Join millions of people around the globe and enjoy the world's most comprehensive communication experience. Messaging Services and OTT. That means that 61.4% of the world population uses the internet. From the year 2000 to 2019, the usage of the internet increased by 1,157%. As of June 2019, the world region of Asia accounts for the majority of internet users in the world. 2,300,469,859 people in Asia are online, which makes up 50.7% of the global internet population

Download time series of ICT data for the world, by geographic regions and by level of development, for the following indicators H ouseholds with a computer and with Internet access I ndividuals using the Internet; Aggregates are based on the ITU regions, and the UN M49 developed/developing country classification. Country ICT data (until 2018) NEW! Fixed-telephone subscriptions (excel) NEW. There are over 4.5 billion internet users around the world. In 2018, approximately 40% of all people accessed the internet. There were 149.7 million .COM domains in Q2 of 2018, which is most of any top-level domains. So far in 2019, Andorra has had the highest internet penetration rate in the world at 99%. The annual digital growth rate in Europe for 2018-2019 was 7.6% (51 million users.

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  1. ican Republic Internet Users. www.internetlivestats.com
  2. * estimate for July 1, 2016 ** Internet User = individual who can access the Internet at home, via any device type and connection.More details. Source: Internet Live Stats (www.InternetLiveStats.com) Elaboration of data by International Telecommunication Union (ITU), World Bank, and United Nations Population Division
  3. Internet World Stats. (16. Dezember, 2019). Vergleich der Internetpenetrationsrate in Asien zur weltweiten Internetnutzung in den Jahren 2009 bis 2019 [Graph]. In (16. Dezember, 2019)
  4. Applications and services shape the experience of Internet users and enable them to communicate, share, and innovate. Learn more. Access Provision Access to the Internet enables users to connect to information and communication technologies across the globe. Learn more. Service Infrastructure The Internet is a worldwide interconnection of computers in tens of thousands of networks run by.
  5. Video Accounted for 80% of Global Internet Traffic in 2019 .; The Average Person Watches 84 Minutes of Video per Day .; Youtube is the Single Largest Video Platform With 1.8 Billion Users Per Month .; Youtube Users Account for Nearly 45% of the World's Internet Users .; Over 300 Hours of Video Are Uploaded to Youtube Every Minute ; 5 Billion Youtube Video Are Watched Every Day
  6. Not only is China a major player in ecommerce sales, but it is also the country with the highest number of internet users in the world, home to 854 million internet users (Internet World Stats, 2019). That's approximately 60 percent of its total population of 1.4 billion and represents more than one-third of all internet users in Asia. Of those, nearly all (99.1 percent) are mobile phone.
  7. According to Internet World Stats, German was the tenth most common language used on the internet in 2015. The statistic has not changed much. Statista recent statistics show German as the tenth top language used online with 2.2% of internet users. It's easy to translate your website using language translation tools found online and you will be able to access German-speaking people who use.

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Brazil. Internet users in Brazil number 140 million, making the country the world's fourth most connected. Brazil does not only rank highly when it comes to the number of internet users - Brazilians are also among the nationalities who spend the most time surfing the internet. One of the reasons behind the popularity of the internet in Brazil is the popularity of social media sites such as. Internet users in the UK: 2017 Internet use by adults aged 16 years and over. By age, sex, disability, geographical location and weekly earnings. Published 19 May 2017 From:. Internet users are growing in Africa and Latin America at a fast pace with support from the local governments. Already in Colombia Internet Penetration in the larger cities (with over 200,000 population) has reached 80%. Internet World Stats data shows 34.3% penetration worldwide for mid-year 2012 United States ranked #4 for internet > users > per capita amongst Heavily indebted countries in 2006. Andorra ranked first for internet > users > per capita amongst Catholic countries in 2007. United Arab Emirates ranked first for internet > users > per capita amongst Middle Eastern and North Africa in 2007

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place around the world. Information from external sources are included as supplementary data to support any discoveries. Full results of the survey are appended in the form of percentage tables at the end of this report. Internet Users Survey 2018 8 Survey limitation and challenges In the course of conducting this survey, some limitations and challenges were encountered. The limitation and. How Many People Use the Internet in the United States? Of the total population, almost 88% of people in the USA are internet users. This makes up for 8% of total internet users all over the world, i.e., among worldwide Internet users, 8% are in the USA. This shows that they have well understood the secret of success Global Internet usage is rising at an astronomical pace.With millions of internet users coming online each day, it won't be long until the whole world is online. Certainly, the biggest internet trend of the past 20 years is that an increasing amount of people are coming online, therefore the whole world is getting connected.. At VPN Geeks, we've put together a comprehensive list of. Internet World Stats. If you are looking for Internet usage and adoption statistics from around the world, this is the website to visit. It comes with data regarding the total number of Internet users, a break-down by continent and penetration rates. The data seems to be updated frequently as well. 5. Alexa Top Sites. Not all of us are Alexa fans when it comes to traffic estimations. However.

Internet usage has been increasing with corresponding increases in the world's population from the 6.5 billion in 2005 to 7.3 billion in 2016. Hence, there is a link between the growing increase of broadband internet users and increased internet usage. Other factors that may contribute to increased bandwidth usage is the need for high-speed. Buying over the internet (e-commerce or e-shopping) has become very popular in the EU, with 61 % of internet users in 2013 using it to buy or order goods or services for private purposes, an increase of eleven percentage points compared with 2008. The share of e-shoppers among internet users varied considerably between Member States: the highest proportions were registered in the United. Internet users in the UK: 2017. How internet use is correlated to various socio-demographic characteristics, such as age, sex, disability and geographical location. The annual estimates are based on Quarter 1 of each survey year. This is not the latest release. View latest release. Contact: Email Cecil Prescott. Release date: 19 May 2017. Next release: 31 May 2018 Table of contents. Main. most numerous languages spoken by the Internet users. To see old (Historic) Internet World Usage Statistics click here. You can also take a look at the fascinating history of the Internet, from 1945 to 1995, courtesy of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Vinton G. Cerf wrote in 1995 another fascinating article about th There are 4.02 billion people using the internet (as of January 30th, 2018). This represents 53% of the world's population. And of these 4.02 billion, about 248 million people came online for the first time in 2017. Compared to 2017, there's been a 7% increase in global internet users

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Just before we get stuck into this quarter's key stories, here are this headline user numbers and growth stats: Global internet users: more than 3.8 billion people around the world use the. This graph shows the market share of browsers worldwide based on over 10 billion monthly page views Filipinos are the world's heaviest internet users, according to a digital report released on Thursday, Jan. 31, 2019. File Filipinos are world's heaviest internet users in 2018, report say

Email. 1.3 billion - The number of email users worldwide.; 210 billion - The number of emails sent per day in 2008.; 70% - The percentage of emails that are spam.; 53.8 trillion - The number of spam emails sent in 2008 (assuming 70% are spam).; Websites. 186,727,854 - The number of websites on the Internet in December 2008.; 31.5 million - The number of websites added during 2008 Browser's developer tools can be used to inspect, edit and debug HTML, CSS, and JavaScript of the curently-loaded page. To learn more, check out the browser's own manual for developer tools: Chrome DevTools. Microsoft Edge Developer Tools. Firefox Developer Tools. Safari Web Inspector. Opera DevTool This video shows the countries with the most internet users from 1990 to 2016. The United States and many European countries started ahead of everyone, but most of them were overtaken by countries. In 2005, just 9 - 15 million people in the United States used the internet every day. Every three months the rate of use was increasing by 25%. Wieland et al., 2005. Internet users in Greece have an internet addiction prevalence rate of 8.2%. Most internet addicts are males who play online games and access internet cafés. Konstantinos et al., 200 Internet Use Survey Statistics (Survey Size: 53,043) In the past 12 months have you used the internet to do work research? Yes 62 % No 38 % In the past.

Total Internet users: 1,991 million China 470M Japan 100M India 92M KR 41M Viet Nam 27M Indonesia 26M PH 23M AU MY TH 15M PK IR BD HK SG NZ United States 220M Brazil 80M Mexico 36M CA 27M AR CO VE Peru CL EC Germany 66M UK 54M France 49M Italy 32M Spain 31M Turkey 29M PL 24M NL SE BE RO CZ CH HU AT PT GR IL DK FI NO SK IE HR RU 62M UA 11M KZ UZ AZ BY Egypt MA SA SD AE DZ SY YE NG 18M ZA UG. Figure 3: Internet non-users by disability status UK, 2013 quarter 2 to 2015 quarter 1. Source: Office for National Statisitcs. Notes: Persons aged 16 and over. Equality Act disabled refers to those who self-assess that they have a disability in line with the Equality Act definition of disability. Q1 refers to quarter 1 (Jan to Mar), Q2 refers to quarter 2 (Apr to June), Q3 refers to quarter 3.

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The amount of data uploaded to the Internet in a single second is a staggering 24,000 gigabytes. Cisco forecasts that monthly Internet data will reach 91.3 exabytes - or 1 billion gigabytes - by the year 2016, pushing the amount of online activity even higher.. These real time Internet statistics show just how vast the Internet is, not to mention how much it's growing every day Philippines tops world internet usage index with an average 10 hours a day This article is more than 1 year old. South-east Asia has three countries in the top five, while Japan comes in last. Internet World Users by Language, Internet World Stats. Estimation of English and non-English Language Use on the WWW, Gregory Grefenstette and Julien Nioche, in Proceedings of RIAO'2000, Content-Based Multimedia Information Access, Paris, 12-14 April 2000, pp. 237-246 Internet and Search Engine Usage By Country Worldwide Internet World Stats in March 2011 estimated 2,095,006,005 people around the world were online, or 30.2% of the total world population. According to StatCounter Global Stats, Google had 91.2% of the total search engine market, whereas NetMarketshare reported Google's share to be 84.73%. Google's world dominance is clear, but in leading.

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Browser statistics history since January 2017 Here you can see the evolution of the market shares for the 5 most successful browsers Firefox, Safari, Google chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera since January 2017 Kuwait: Internet users, percent of population: For that indicator, The World Bank provides data for Kuwait from 1990 to 2018. The average value for Kuwait during that period was 35.79 percent with a minimum of 0 percent in 1990 and a maximum of 100 percent in 2017. The latest value from 2018 is 99.6 percent. For comparison, the world average in 2018 based on 72 countries is 74.32 percent Real connection speeds for Internet users from all over the world. The data is from the second quarter of 2010, so it's up to date. (Just in case you don't know about them, Akamai is the big dog among content delivery network (CDN) providers. The company has servers all over the world and reportedly can handle as much as 15-20% of all Web traffic on any given day. This puts Akamai in a.

Internet users in 2012 as a percentage of a country's population Source: International Telecommunications Union. [3] Number of Internet users in 2012 Source: International Telecommunications Union. [3] Uso de banda ancha. Fixed broadband Internet subscriptions in 2012 as a percentage of a country's population Source: International Telecommunications Union. [4] Mobile broadband Internet. Just a year ago, there was still nearly twice the percentage of desktop-only internet users (19.1 percent) as mobile-only users (10.8 percent). While the share of mobile-only users has climbed over the past year to 11.3 percent, the desktop-only population has drastically declined to just 10.6 percent. Of course these numbers also tell us that the vast majority of the digital population (78.

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  1. utes online each day. By 2021, a projected 73% of all ecommerce sales will come from mobile
  2. What happened with the Internet in 2010? How many websites were added? How many emails were sent? How many Internet users were there? This post will answer all of those questions and many, many more. If it's stats you want, you've come to the right place. We used a wide variety of sources from around the Web to put this post together. You can find the full list of source references at the.
  3. Its research arm, StatCounter Global Stats finds that mobile and tablet devices accounted for 51.3% of internet usage worldwide in October compared to 48.7% by desktop. This should be a wake up call especially for small businesses, sole traders and professionals to make sure that their websites are mobile friendly. Many older websites are.
  4. According to the InternetWorld Stats, there are a total estimate of 3,885,567,245 total world internet users as of June 30,2017. With a total of 2,818,277,245 estimated users in the Top 20.

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Tracks the Usage Share of Search Engines, Browsers and Operating Systems including Mobile from over 10 billion monthly page views SHANGHAI China said the number of Internet users in the country reached about 253 million last month, putting it ahead of the United States as the world's biggest Internet market Internet users by world region, 2000 and 2010. Now that we've established that the number of Internet users is more than five times as large as it was in 2000, how has that growth been distributed through the different regions of the world? Back in 2000, Asia, North America and Europe were almost on an even footing in terms of Internet users. Now in 2010, the picture is a very different one. The number of internet users in 2018 is 4.021 billion, up 7 percent year-on-year The number of social media users in 2018 is 3.196 billion, up 13 percent year-on-yea The World Factbook Main Content. ABOUT Internet users compares the number of users within a country that access the Internet. Statistics vary from country to country and may include users who access the Internet at least several times a week to those who access it only once within a period of several months. Filter by the Region: Rank Order Listing for the Internet users field; Rank.

www.mcmc.gov.m NBTC Internet Statistics Report v 2.0 ©2020 Office of The National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission For any enquiries, Please contact technical support team Email : ciri.techinfo@gmail.co The mobile Internet penetration rate is growing at a rate of 1.5x (or 30 million users) every year 2 We consume about 150k terabytes of data annually 2 From a total population of 101 million: The World Factbook Main Content. ABOUT Statistics vary from country to country and may include users who access the Internet at least several times a week to those who access it only once within a period of several months. Country Comparison Ranking. By Country Listing of the values for the Internet users field; Country Internet users; Afghanistan: total: 3,531,770. percent of population. The stats indicate that the average Emirati spends 7 hours 03 minutes on the internet every day, out of which 2 hours 57 minutes is spent on social media. The frequency of internet usage is also very high in the Emirates with 93% of accessing the internet at least once in a day. 6% of users access the internet once in a week and 1% use it once in a month

Thailand is the world leader for time spent on the internet and mobile internet per day, a consequence of higher social media use and the popularity of online video consumption Google führt eine neue Option in seinen Shopping Ads ein: Händler können jetzt auch auf kontaktlose Lieferoptionen für ihre Kunden hinweisen This world map shows Number of Internet Users by Country. Current worldwide number of internet users: 1,832,779,793 (2009) Internet users are people with access to the worldwide network Data sources: Internet user numbers from Internet World Stats. Internet connection speeds and attack traffic from Akamai's State of the Internet Report Q3 2010. Web browser and OS stats from Statcounter. Top sites from Alexa. Internet hosts from the CIA World Factbook Methodology. The data used on this page was fetched from sources around the web referenced in above link. Some statistics are based on a yearly reported data and are thus averaged down to per second basis and do not represent actual real time data but rather very accurate approximation of real time growth

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Econsultancy's Internet Statistics Compendium is now available to subscribers in a convenient database where you can search and filter to find relevant statistics. You can view the database here.. The Internet Statistics Compendium and database is a collection of the most recent statistics and market data publicly available on online marketing, ecommerce, the internet and related digital media More than 3 billion people are now using the Internet, according to the United Nations agency that oversees international communications. The number of Internet users has increased from 738 million in 2000 to 3.2 billion in 2015, according to a new report from the International Telecommunication Union. That's a seven-fold increase that brought Internet penetration up from 7% to 43% of the.

Two-thirds of the world's internet users live under regimes of government censorship, according to a report released today. The report from Freedom House, a pro-democracy think tank, finds that.. than 2 billion internet users around the world (Internet world stats . 2012). Use of internet in school campus and society has been increased . and it becomes an important part of student life. There are now 30 million internet users in Pakistan, 15 million of whom browse the web using their mobile phone, states a new report by mobile survey company Ansr.io.. According to the report. The Internet in Africa is limited by a lower penetration rate when compared to the rest of the world. Measurable parameters such as the number of ISP subscriptions, overall number of hosts, IXP-traffic, and overall available bandwidth all indicate that Africa is far behind the digital divide.Moreover, Africa itself exhibits an inner digital divide, with most Internet activity and.

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Number of Internet Users in India 2020. The number of internet users in India is 560 million as of 2020. It is higher than the US total population. According to the IAMAI report, the number of Indian internet users will reach 666.4 million by 2023. The growth of the internet in India brought a new change in today's era. Businesses and company. Answer to Internet Usage During the early days of the Internet, growth in the number of users worldwide could be approximated by... INTERNET WORLD Business E-Commerce Mobile Online Marketing Social Media Touch Point: Was ist eigentlich so schlimm an User-Tracking? Social Media. Quartalsbericht Twitter verzeichnet sinkende.

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