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CHAPTER 1: HOW TO USE THE NATIONAL PHASE OF THE PCT APPLICANT'S GUIDE. CHAPTER 2: ENTRY INTO THE NATIONAL PHASE (GENERAL) CHAPTER 3: TIME LIMIT FOR ENTERING THE NATIONAL PHASE. General; Request for Earlier Start of the National Phase; CHAPTER 4: ACTS TO BE PERFORMED FOR ENTRY INTO THE NATIONAL PHASE. General; National Fee The PCT Applicant's Guide (Last updated 1 May 2020) The PCT Applicant's Guide is updated almost every week with information received by the International Bureau. Users of the Guide who wish to see when any individual page of the Guide was last updated, can check the date printed at the foot of that page. Each page in the Guide is dated in this way..

B. Die internationale und die europäische Phase einer PCT-Anmeldung; C. Zeitschiene für internationale Anmeldungen; Kapitel 1 - Allgemeiner Überblick; Kapitel 2 - Das EPA als PCT-Anmeldeamt; Kapitel 3 - Das EPA als ISA und SISA; Kapitel 4 - Das EPA als IPEA; Kapitel 5 - Das Euro-PCT-Verfahren vor dem EPA als Bestimmungsamt oder. PCT Applicant's Guide - National Phase Page 1 11 July 2019 . CHAPTER 1 HOW TO USE THE NATIONAL PHASE OF THE . PCT APPLICANT'S GUIDE. 1.001. This part of the . PCT Applicant's Guide (the . Guide) contains information on the national phase of the PCT procedure, namely the procedure before the designated (or elected) Offices. It follow 1.001. This part of the PCT Applicant's Guide (the Guide) contains information on the national phase of the PCT procedure, namely the procedure before the designated (or elected) Offices. It follows on from information on the international phase of the PCT procedure. 1.002. This part consists of two elements

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Article 11(3) 23 40. 2.001. What is the national phase? The national phase is the second of the two main phases of the PCT procedure. It follows the international phase and consists in the processing of the international application before each Office of or acting for a Contracting State that has been designated in the international application (see International Phase) Staaten. PCT-Vertragsstaaten ; Staaten, welche durch die Pariser Verbandsübereinkunft, aber nicht durch den PCT, gebunden sind (auf Englisch)Mitgliedstaaten des PCT/der Pariser Verbandsübereinkunft und der WTO (auf Englisch) Fristen für den Eintritt in die nationale/regionale Phase (auf Englisch)Rechtsschutzarten (auf Englisch)Regionale Patente via PCT (auf Englisch

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  1. The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) protection is pending under a single patent application filed with the patent office of a contracting state of the PCT. The second phase is the national and regional phase which follows the international phase in which rights are continued by filing necessary documents with the patent offices of separate contracting states of the PCT. A PCT application.
  2. Beim PCT-Verfahren ist aber zu bedenken, dass weder die internationale Recherche noch die internationale vorläufige Prüfung bindend für die nachfolgende nationale (bzw. regionale) Phase ist. Konkret bedeutet dies, dass z. B. das US Patent and Trademark Office einer Patentanmeldung trotz positivem internationalem Prüfbericht die Patentfähigkeit häufig abspricht
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  4. National Phase: after the end of the PCT procedure, usually at 30 months from the earliest filing date of your initial application, from which you claim priority, you start to pursue the grant of your patents directly before the national (or regional) patent Offices of the countries in which you want to obtain them
  5. Fees associated with Brazilian PCT national phase entry as well as other patent fees are available in the fee calculator. Deadline for PCT national phase entry in Brazil ; The time limit for entering the PCT national phase in Brazil is 30 months from the date of priority. The deadline may be restored by the term of 60 days if legitimate reasons.
  6. PCT National Phase. Once the PCT process is complete, and 30 months after the initial filing, you can apply for patents directly through the countries of your choice. You must meet each one's individual requirements, pay its fees, and file application translations, if applicable. The national offices decide whether to approve your patent. Their.

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The handling of your national and regional phase entry will be supervised by a dedicated patent attorney, who also acts as a single point of contact between you and the local agents and patent offices. This approach frees you from a substantial amount of administrative workload, as we collect and consolidate all correspondence and allows for incorporating all your requests. Additionally, our. Patent fees; Fees associated with the German PCT national phase entry as well as other patent fees are available in the fee calculator.. Deadline for entering the PCT national phase in Germany; The time limit for German national phase entry of a PCT application is 30 months from the date of priority. The restoration of this time limit is not possible Zum Eintritt in die nationale Phase vor dem DPMA: Vor dem DPMA als Bestimmungsamt haben PCT-Anmelder mit Sitz oder Wohnsitz in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland in der Regel keine weiteren Erfordernisse zu erfüllen, denn sie haben die PCT-Anmeldung bereits in deutscher Sprache eingereicht und sind nach § 25 PatG nicht verpflichtet, einen Inlandsvertreter zu bestellen. Auch gilt die.


The time limit for the PCT national phase entry in Korea is 31 months from the date of priority. This term cannot be extended. Filing requirements in South Korea; The official language of PCT national phase registration is Korean. The national phase application in Korea should include the Korean translation of the full specification. However. European Patent Convention - This area contains legal texts from the EPO, including the European Patent Convention, Ancillary regulations to the EPC, National law relating to the EPC, Guidelines for Examination, and much more Änderungen und/oder Gegenvorstellungen nach Artikel 34 PCT sollten vorzugsweise zusammen mit dem Antrag eingereicht werden. Berücksichtigen muss sie das EPA als IPEA aber auch dann noch, wenn sie vor Ablauf der Frist für die Antragstellung nachgereicht werden ().Später eingereichte Änderungen und/oder Gegenvorstellungen berücksichtigt das EPA als IPEA nur, wenn sie eingehen, bevor es mit.

Some requirements must be fulfilled in every case, such as payment of the filing fee and specification of the documents on which processing in the European phase is to be based (points 478 ff).Further, as a rule, the designation fee is due and the request for examination must be filed at expiry of the 31-month time limit for entry into the European phase, unless the ISR was published extremely. PCT Time Calculator. The PCT National Phase Application in India requires filing of specification within the deadline as calculated by the WIPO PCT time calculator. At long last, at 31 months from the recording date of the PCT application or from the most punctual need date of the application, if a need is asserted, the global stage closes and the PCT application enters into the national and. Fees associated with the Iranian PCT national phase entry as well as other patent fees are available in the fee calculator. Deadline for the PCT national phase entry in Iran; The term of entering the PCT national stage in Iran is 30 months from the date of priority. Restoration of this term is not applicable. Minimum of filing documents in Iran; Minimum of filing documents in Iran for PCT. PCT/RO/101 zu verwenden. Weitere Hinweise finden sich im . Merkblatt fr internationale (PCT -) Patentanmeldungen (PCT/DPMA/200). Hinweise zur Einleitung der nationalen Phase . Innerhalb von 30 Monaten nach dem Prioritätsdatum ist vor jedem Bestimmungsamt gesondert die nationale Phase . einzuleiten Phase Eight bequem online kaufen. Kostenlose Lieferung. Phase Eight bis -50%. Große Auswahl & kostenloser Versand

Ich will für eine PCT-Anmeldung die nationale Phase in DE einleiten. Die PCT-Anmeldugn benennt alle Länder, also auch DE und EP. Jetzt bin ich über Art. III § 4 (1) Satz 2 IntPatÜG gestolpert. Dort heißt es zu der der Frage, ob DE Bestimmungsamt ist: Dies gilt nicht, wenn der Anmelder in der internationalen Anmeldung die Erteilung eines europäischen Patents beantragt hat PCT National Phaser is a PCT National Phase application platform, offering ease-of-use, certainty and cost effectiveness

Chapter 1, National Phase of the PCT Applicant's Guid

Chapter 2, National Phase of the PCT Applicant's Guid

  1. istrative workloads Patent Cooperation.
  2. Application Data Sheet (37 CFR 1.76) (instructions [DOC]) Supplemental instructions for ADS for 35 U.S.C. 371 national stage application (AIA/14) AIA/14 Declaration (37 CFR 1.63) For Utility Or Design Application Using An Application Data Sheet (37 CFR 1.76) ( Non-English language translations ) ( Download AIA/01 INSTRUCTIONS
  3. National phase; Entry into PCT national phase at the PRH. In Finland, you enter the PCT national phase within 31 months from the international filing date or, if priority is claimed, from the filing date of your first priority application. When you enter the national phase at the PRH, you can apply either for a Finnish patent or for a Finnish utility model. Within the same period of 31 months.
  4. PCT Art. 28 41 CPR Rule 109 51 CN.06 AMENDMENT OF THE APPLICATION; TIME LIMITS. With regard to an international application for a utility model, the applicant may file a request with the Office to amend the description, drawings and claims within one month from the date of entry into the national phase. With regard to an international application for a patent of invention, the applicant may.
  5. In order to have your PCT international application entered into the national phase in Japan, you have to submit Japanese translations of the description, claims, drawings (when explanatory text is included in the drawings) and an abstract of your PCT international application to our office within 30 months from the priority date and special transmittal form (form No.53) is available for such.
  6. Das PCT-System umfasst eine einzelne internationale Phase, gefolgt von einer oder mehreren nationalen Phasen. Die nationale Phase beginnt nach Abschluss der internationalen Phase, wenn der Anmelder beschließt, die Anmeldung vor den regionalen oder nationalen Patentämtern fortzusetzen, um regionalen oder nationalen Schutz zu erhalten
  7. Soll eine Anmeldung in diesen Staaten in die nationale Phase eintreten, muss der Antrag deshalb innerhalb von 19 Monaten ab dem (frühesten) Prioritätsdatum bei der zuständigen IPEA eingehen, damit das Recht auf eine Verlängerung der Frist für den Eintritt in die nationale Phase bis zum Ablauf von 30 bzw. 31 Monaten ab dem Prioritätsdatum gewahrt bleibt

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  1. Um sich die Mühen nationaler Einzelanmeldungen zu ersparen gibt es sogenannte Sammelanmeldungen. Eine Sammelanmeldung ist die PCT-Anmeldung (Patent Cooperation Treaty).. Die PCT-Anmeldung ist ein zentrales Anmeldesystem, bei dem es zu keiner Patenterteilung kommt.. Vielmehr haben Sie für die Einleitung der nationalen Phase in den einzelnen, benannten Vertragsstaaten zu sorgen, nationale.
  2. If you've made an international patent application under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) you can make a request for it to be processed in the UK national phase to obtain a UK patent.You must.
  3. The time limit for entering Canada's national phase is 30 months from the earliest priority date or if not priority claim was made from the international filing date (the date on which the application met the requirements under PCT). You may enter Canada's national phase if the requirements to enter national phase are met within 12 months after.
  4. An application for PCT National Phase Patent in India consists of a set of forms along with a copy of Complete Specification including the description, claims, drawings and abstract. Origiin is your best partner to file and prosecute PCT- National Phase (PCT-NP) applications in India
  5. Current PCT Fees; National Stage (US) PCT fees in US dollars. Effective March 1, 2020 . The online fee payment amounts in EFS-Web are set to the current fee schedule. The transmittal fee, international filing fee, international search fee or other fee amounts payable for a PCT international application may not equal the online fee payment amount. As a result, online fee payment in EFS-Web is.
  6. istered by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), wherein there are 153 countries that are the members of the PCT, and therefore an Applicant can nationalize its/his/her application in any or a combination of the 152 countries using the PCT route. PCT route enables an Applicant to seek patent.

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The services of Patent Law Firm Wittmann in Munich, Germany are directed to filing and prosecuting European patent applications, German patent applications, utility models, trademarks and designs as well as foreign filings in Europe and Germany including national phase in Germany and regional phase in Europe. The expertise of patent attorney Günther Wittmann covers electronic engineering. Die nationale Phase einer internationalen Anmeldung beginnt in der Regel mit dem Ablauf von 30 Monaten seit dem Prioritätsdatum der internationalen Anmeldung.. Voraussetzung hierfür ist nach Art. 22 Abs. 1 Satz 1 PCT i. V. m. Art. III § 4 Abs. 2 Satz 1 IntPatÜG [→ Voraussetzungen für die Einleitung der nationalen Phase], dass der Anmelder beim DPMA vor Ablauf dieser Frist als nationale. Nationale Phase gemäß 35 U.S.C. 371. Die Nationale Phase einer PCT Anmeldung in den USA beginnt mit der Zahlung der fälligen Grundgebühr und der Übermittlung der Internationalen Anmeldung an das USPTO, sofern diese nicht vom Internationalen Büro bereits weitergeleitet wurde. Achtung: Ein Versäumnis, Gebühr und Internationale Anmeldung innerhalb von 30 Monaten nach Einreichen der.

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Israeli National Phase Entry Requirements. National Phase entry requirements for Israel. Below is a summary of the national phase entry requirements for Israel. PCT Deadline for Israel. PCT National Phase Deadline The deadline for entering the Pational Phase in Israel is 30 months from the earliest date claimed in the PCT Request. Application Fees. Service Fee Our service fee for entering the. PCT Time Limit Calculator The PCT Time Limit Calculator assists applicants in the computing of essential PCT Time Limits. Select To calculate the time limits for submission of priority document, international publication and entry into the national/regional phase, please enter the earliest priority date. Earliest Priority Date. Reset Calculate. 4.7 #171 - 2020-05-04T22:15:00.323+02:00.

PCT NATIONALE PHASE. Der Vertrag über die Internationale Zusammenarbeit auf dem Gebiet des Patentwesens (Patent Cooperation Treaty, PCT) ermöglicht es Antragstellern, in einem vereinfachten Verfahren Schutz in mehreren Ländern zu erlangen, was in der heutigen globalisierten Welt äußerst nützlich ist. KONTAKT . SHIP fungiert als einziger Ansprechpartner zwischen den Antragsteller, den. Bei diesen zusätzlichen Kosten ist aber zu berücksichtigen, dass viele nationale Patentämter u. a. auch das Europäische Patentamt Ermäßigungen der Recherchen- und Prüfungsgebühr in der nationalen Phase (z.B. DE-Phase) bzw. regionalen Phase (z.B. EP-Phase) einräumen, so dass die bei der PCT-Patentanmeldung gezahlten Gebühren zum größten Teil wieder eingespart werden können, wenn. The PCT National Phase Patent application in India is filed with a copy of Complete patent Specification which includes the following details: Patent Abstract; Information pertaining to the date on which and the country in which, the patent application for protection was made; A set of patent claims claiming the main features of the invention ; A set of patent drawings, if any. If the. The national (or regional) phase. The national or regional phase follows the international phase of the PCT procedure, and consists of the entry and processing of the international application in the individual countries or regions in which the applicant seeks protection for his invention. PCT Flowchart (pdf, 333 kB

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Nationale Phase PCT-Patentanmeldung in Indien; Innerhalb von 31 Monaten nach dem Prioritätsdatum tritt die Anwendung in die PCT-Anwendung der nationalen Phase ein. Die nationale Phase einer PCT-Anmeldung ähnelt einer nationalen Anmeldung in einem jeweiligen Land. Die Entscheidung über die Erteilung eines Patentschutzes in einem bestimmten Land liegt letztendlich beim Patentamt dieses Landes. Der PCT-Leitfaden für Anmelder, Band 2 (Carl Heymanns Verlag) enthält die wesentlichen Angaben. Vor den meisten Bestimmungsämtern besteht in der nationalen Phase für Ausländer Vertretungszwang; es ist daher unbedingt zu empfehlen, rechtzeitig einen Patentanwalt oder Vertreter vor dem jeweiligen Bestimmungsamt zu beauftragen. 34 Phase (von der Einreichung bis zum Eintritt in die nationalen bzw. regionalen Verfahren) die Abwicklung der PCT-Anmeldung. Vor Ablauf dieser internationalen Phase (siehe unten) muß entschieden werden, wo ein nationales bzw. regionales Prüfungs- und Erteilungsverfahren vor den jeweiligen Ämtern eingeleitet werden soll. PCT-Verfahren im Überblic

30 months (31 months in some countries) after the priority date of the PCT application (or of the PCT application itself if no Paris Convention priority is claimed), an application must enter the national phase in each country or region of interest. For example, a PCT applicant interested in Europe, Japan and China would ensure that the Japanese and Chinese applications were filed within 30. PCT National Stage Entry Deadlines 101. Perhaps the most common, and most important, question we field here at inovia relates to when the PCT application needs to enter the national phase (or stage; the terms are interchangeable).The national stage filing deadlines occur 30 or 31-months from the earliest priority date claimed by your PCT application PCT national phase entry information . Since July 1, 2017, designated Offices have been required to notify the International Bureau of information concerning international applications which enter the national phase at their Office. Display of information in the National Phase tab of PATENTSCOPE for an office indicates that the applicant requested national phase processing for the application. The PCT and entry into the national phase Essentials: The PCT The Patent Cooperation Treaty The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) was signed in Washington DC on 19 June 1970. It entered into force on 24 January 1978 and became operational when the first international application was filed on 1 June 1978. Article 1(1) PCT: The States party to. Chinese National Phase Entry Requirements. National Phase entry requirements for China. Below is a summary of the national phase entry requirements for China. PCT Deadline for China. PCT National Phase Deadline The deadline for entering the Pational Phase in China is 30 months from the earliest date claimed in the PCT Request. Application Fees. Service Fee Our service fee for entering the.

Deadlines to enter PCT in Canada. Canadian national phase entry of international PCT patent applications should be done by 30 months from the earliest priority date, or from the international filing date if there is no priority claim.. Fortunately, if this date is missed, Canada allows late entry up to 42 months from the earliest priority date. This is done by paying an extra fee (currently. Section 89A was introduced by the CDP Act and clarifies the relationship between the international phase, initiated by filing under the PCT, and the UK national phase. In particular, it relates to.

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Die nationalen Phasen sind Gegenstand einer gesonderten Anordnung. PCT Patentanmeldung nationale Phase. Hier können Sie uns mit der nationalen Phase in verschiedenen Ländern nach Erlangung eines PCT-Patents beauftragen. Wir verfolgen die Patentanmeldung vor den beteiligten Patentämtern und beantworten Einwände bis zur Erteilung gegen eine Pauschalgebühr. Die Pauschalgebühr deckt die. Required contents of the translation for entry into the national phase:1, 2 Under PCT Article 22: Request, description, claims (if amended, both as originally filed and as amended, if the applicant wishes the amendments to form the basis for the proceedings, together with any statement under PCT Article 19), any text matter of drawings, abstract Under PCT Article 39(1): Description, claims. United Arab Emirates National Phase Entry Requirements. National Phase entry requirements for United Arab Emirates. Below is a summary of the national phase entry requirements for United Arab Emirates. PCT Deadline for United Arab Emirates. PCT National Phase Deadline The deadline for entering the Pational Phase in United Arab Emirates is 30 months from the earliest date claimed in the PCT.

PCT National Phase und PCT International Phase Der Patentkooperationsvertrag (PCT) unterstützt die Anmelder bei der Beantragung eines Patentschutzes für ihre Erfindungen auf internationaler Ebene, unterstützt Patentämter bei Entscheidungen über die Erteilung von Patenten und erleichtert der Öffentlichkeit den Zugang zu technischen Informationen zu diesen Erfindungen PCT EINLEITUNG DER NATIONALEN PHASE FÜR DIE ERTEILUNG EINES GEBRAUCHSMUSTERS (1) Antrag auf Einleitung der nationalen Phase An das Österreichische Patentamt Dresdner Straße 87 1200 Wien Aktenzeichen (wird vom Österreichischen Patentamt vergeben!) IPC: Ref.: TA: Ansprüche: Bitte für amtliche Vermerke freihalten! Die eingeklammerten Zahlen verweisen auf Erläuterungen in der.

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Bahrainian National Phase Entry Requirements. National Phase entry requirements for Bahrain. Below is a summary of the national phase entry requirements for Bahrain. PCT Deadline for Bahrain. PCT National Phase Deadline The deadline for entering the Pational Phase in Bahrain is 30 months from the earliest date claimed in the PCT Request. Application Fees. Service Fee Our service fee for. PCT national phase The portal will provide you with a proposal for filing via local agents in the countries and regions you have selected. However, the portal is flexible and you can choose whether to use the selected agents for only certain filings and continue to use your existing local agents for others. If you use a local agent not listed in the portal you must provide us with their. Canadian Regulations for Late National Phase Entry to Change. If you have a PCT application that needs to be nationalized in Canada, it's important to be aware of new changes to the regulations for late entry. According to CIPO, if your application's International Filing Date falls out before October 30, 2019, the deadline for national entry is still 30 months from the earliest priority.

In Germany in contrast, direct national applications play a greater role (in 2008: 2,770 foreign PCT applications entered the national phase and 10,407 national applications were filed directly at the DPMA by applicants with a domicile or establishment outside Germany). patent-und-markenamt.de . patent-und-markenamt.de. In Indien geht ein Großteil der Patentanmeldungen internationaler. Die Regeln ist klar: Wer eine internationale (PCT) Patentanmeldung eingereicht hat muss innerhalb von 30 Monaten ab dem frühesten Prioritätsdatum die nationale Phase in den Vereinigten Staaten einleiten, oder die Anmeldung gilt als aufgegeben. Und obwohl der Termin seit zweieinhalb Jahren feststeht verliert er nie die Fähigkeit für kurzfristig Überraschungen zu sorgen. Zum Beispiel, weil National stage entry cost estimates. Entering the national stage of a PCT application can require a significant outlay of cash, depending upon the countries desired. Innovation Capital Law Group offers flat rate cost estimates for initial filings of PCT national stage entry in the most common PCT member countries.. Factors affecting national phase cost The National Phase of a PCT application resembles a national filing in a respective country. The decision to grant patent protection in a particular country ultimately rests on the Patent Office of that country. However, the filing of PCT application is much simpler than the filing of normal national application since most of the formal requirements are resolved in the international phase. We welcome you to our PCT national phase entry into Japan (JP) website. Whether you are a first time visitor or a long time colleague, we appreciate that you have chosen our site as a resource for your intellectual property needs. Time limit applicable for entry into Japanese national phase 30 months from the priority date . Necessary informations/documents for entry into Japanese national.

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Entering the National/Regional phase. The PCT application itself will never become a patent. Instead, the PCT application must be taken into the National/Regional Phase in those countries/regions where patent protection is to be sought. This must be done by the appropriate deadline. Each of the resulting individual National/Regional Phase patent applications is then pursued, before the. PCT Singapore National Phase Guide Entry into the Singapore National Phase of a PCT Application. This is a general guide for Singapore National Phase entries of an International (PCT) Patent Application. For domestic Singapore filings, which are filings initiated with IPOS in its own capacity (rather than as a Receiving Office for PCT applications), please see our Singapore Patent Guide. PCT PATENT FILING IN NIGERIA. PCT NATIONAL PHASE APPLICATION PROCESS. A Patent and Cooperation Treaty (PCT) patent application filing provides a process for reserving an applicant's priority right to file an existing patent application in foreign countries

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About Us The PCT Network is the largest and fastest growing network of IP professionals in the world for foreign filing. We are a global network of more than 650 member firms representing over 170 operating regions. Filing more than 6,500 annual cases, The PCT Korean National Phase Entry Requirements. National Phase entry requirements for Republic of Korea. Below is a summary of the national phase entry requirements for Republic of Korea. PCT Deadline for Republic of Korea. PCT National Phase Deadline The deadline for entering the Pational Phase in Republic of Korea is 31 months from the earliest date claimed in the PCT Request. Application Fees.

Morningside specializes in translations for PCT national phase filing in 150 contracting states. Find out why over 1/3 of the Top 100 PCT filers in North America rely on us for their patent translation & foreign filing needs national application 国内出願 national authority 国内当局 national fee 国内手数料 national filing 国内出願 national office 国内官庁 national treatment 内国民待遇 national security 国の安全 national origin 出身国 national phase [stage] 国内段階 conditions imposed on nationals 国民に課される条件 to enter the PCT application into the national phase in. Streamlined patent translations for PCT national phase entry. In over 150 languages. Technical translators and IP experts. Fast, Accurate, and Cost-effective. Home About Services Advantage Contact Get a Quote ☎(646)989-1998 Home. About. Services . Advantage. Contact Get a Quote ☎(646)989-1998. patent translation. PCT National Phase. PCT National Phase Entry (30 months from the earliest priority date) To file a PCT nationail phase application in Japan, we require the following information from you. International application number Full name, address and nationality of Applicant(s) Full name and address of Inventor(s PCT national phase deadline in Russia is 31 months from the priority date. Russia grants patents both for inventions and utility models. It should be noted, that Russia is a member-state of the Eurasian Patent Organization (EAPO)

(1) For PCT cases, it is possible to file a Japanese translation of the application within two months from the entry into the Japanese national phase. In this case, we first need to enter the Japanese national phase by filing a National Form Paper Transparenz der Patentprüfung in den nationalen Phasen des PCT Lutz Mailänder Head, Cooperation on Examination and Training Section PCT International Cooperation Division Ilmenau June 5, 2019 . Potential life cycle of a PCT application Priority date Filing date National phase entries ISR & WO 1st national search report (SR) & opinion 2nd national phase SR & opinion 3rd national phase SR. Chapter II National/ Regional Phase deadline. An applicant can choose to enter the National/Regional phase in as few or as many of the territories designated in his original PCT application as he wishes. The choice will likely depend on the importance of the invention, the breadth of coverage required, the results of searches that have been received, the nature, favourable or otherwise, of the. PCT National Phase in Luxembourg The Luxembourg Intellectual Property Office has recently announced a change of practice concerning the language requirements for PCT national phases in Luxembourg. English is now also accepted for the proceedings in the national phase, similar to a direct national application

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